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How to stay sane while caring for my client
Date created: 11/05/2020

While we all hope for a sweet, kind client, who is a delight to work for, this is often not the case. Sometimes live-in carers simply do not get along with their clients. .. read more

I think I am depressed – what can I do?
Date created: 11/05/2020

Live-in carers sometimes find that they or their clients become depressed. Because of the nature of the job, depression is far more common than most people realize. Live-in care work can be lonely and extremely stressful, particularly if you find yourself in an isolated placement with little contact with other people... read more

The regular carer insists on coming back – what can I do?
Date created: 11/05/2020

With the advent of the coronavirus and all the restrictions that have come with it, live-in carers may have questions about protocol involving incoming carers, outgoing carers and who stays where... read more

What if I am mugged while going shopping?
Date created: 11/05/2020

Many live-in carers are still faced with doing the shopping for their client while they stay at home. .. read more

Who Cares?
Date created: 04/05/2020

Because of the number of elderly and disabled residents in the UK who need full-time care, there are many carers who come from other parts of the world. These include places like Africa, South Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East... read more

Am I allowed to go shopping for my client and myself?
Date created: 15/04/2020

Every live-in carer will be asking questions right now about protecting themselves, their client and still carrying out daily or weekly routines such as collecting medication and shopping. .. read more

Must I stay away from the client I am caring for?
Date created: 15/04/2020

Your client may recently have received a letter from the NHS to say that they are considered a ‘high risk.’ This is because the NHS has contacted everyone who they consider to be at risk of serious illness because of the coronavirus. .. read more

Should I charge for my break because I can’t get out now?
Date created: 15/04/2020

In the normal day-to-day live-in care job having a two-hour break is accepted as part of the carer agreement. In fact, it is also a legal requirement that a total of 14 hours per week should be allocated to the carer as a rest time... read more

Why can’t I stay in the carer house right now?
Date created: 15/04/2020

Right now, with the coronavirus getting a grip on countries, there are many live-in carers who find themselves displaced. In a ‘normal’ situation an incoming carer returns and the previous live-in carer heads home or to another placement. .. read more

I’m scared – who can I talk to?
Date created: 06/04/2020

Live-in care work can be stressful at the best of times. Sometimes you may find yourself in situations you never thought you would be in such as caring for very ill people or being alone with a client in a remote place... read more