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I’m scared – who can I talk to?
Date created: 06/04/2020

Live-in care work can be stressful at the best of times. Sometimes you may find yourself in situations you never thought you would be in such as caring for very ill people or being alone with a client in a remote place... read more

Why does my agency not keep in touch with me?
Date created: 25/03/2020

When starting out as a new live-in carer it can be very daunting to be on your own with a new client. Everything is new and strange, and you feel like you have had far too much dropped into your lap... read more

What’s the difference between self-monitoring and self-isolation?
Date created: 25/03/2020

In this time when the UK is rife with disease you may well ask this question. By now you will have possibly been asked to stay at the client you are currently with and not move to another client. .. read more

The family insist on visiting too often
Date created: 25/03/2020

Much as we want our clients to have their family around them, there are some occasions when all live-in carers wish that they would just go away for a bit and leave things alone... read more

My client is in hospital – how often should I visit?
Date created: 25/03/2020

In the light of the recent troubles in the world, namely the Corona Virus, this is a question that a live-in carer may well ask... read more

How long should I stay with one client?
Date created: 25/03/2020

This is a question that many new live-in carers may ask, and it is a very valid one so let’s look at the ideal time frame for a live-in carer to be with the same client... read more

Some things you should never say to your client with dementia
Date created: 12/03/2020

When you consider the many different languages in the world it is easy to see how people who do not speak each other’s language can become frustrated when trying to communicate. Having a poor communication method can also be hurtful if the wrong words are used... read more

Questions you may be asked at your live-in care interview
Date created: 12/03/2020

Attending interviews can be a stressful time, particularly if you are not prepared for the questions you will be asked... read more

What are the benefits of live-in care work for the carer?
Date created: 12/03/2020

Most people will at some time in their lives, make a list of what they want from a job. What is the perfect job for them at that time in their life? This will differ from person to person and will even change as we get older... read more

Why do I need a criminal record check to work?
Date created: 12/03/2020

This is a question that you may well ask at the start of your live-in care path. Not only does it cost you money, but it can also take some time to have the check done. .. read more