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Can I have a glass of wine with my client?
Date created: 18/11/2019

It seems a perfectly natural thing to do, doesn’t it? At the end of a day you and your client settle down to a glass of wine with your meal, perhaps a glass afterwards before going to bed. But should you do this, and more importantly, can you do this?.. read more

Can I tell my family where I am placed?
Date created: 18/11/2019

If you’re a new live-in carer then this may be a question you need to have clarified. There are some things about your new placement that you can share with others, and there are things which you should not discuss with anyone else... read more

I don’t understand ‘disabled badges’
Date created: 18/11/2019

Information about disabled badges such as who uses them and where they can be used is not a topic you discuss every day. However, you may find yourself at a placement where you need to use one... read more

Must I do annual updates?
Date created: 18/11/2019

This is a question which can be confusing because depending on the situation you are working in the answer varies greatly... read more

Must I wear my agency’s uniform?
Date created: 18/11/2019

As a new live-in carer, you may wonder if you will be required to wear a uniform of some sort while you stay at your client’s house... read more

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Live-in Carer?
Date created: 22/10/2019

According to up-to-date-statistics, the percentage of the population that is aged 65 years or older is growing and went from 14.1 percent in the 1970's, to 17.8 percent in the last few years. .. read more

Who regulates the live-in care industry?
Date created: 21/10/2019

This will normally be covered on your initial training and sometimes it can seem quite confusing. Let’s make it simple now... read more

I suspect someone is abusing my client
Date created: 21/10/2019

Every person, whether they need a live-in carer or not, has the right to live in safety and without fear of being abused... read more

I’m confused about hoisting my client
Date created: 21/10/2019

As a new live-in carer hoisting may seem confusing and even a little scary. It need not be this way if it is used correctly... read more

What if I don’t get enough work?
Date created: 21/10/2019

Many live-in carers travel from other countries to work in the UK and so it is understandable to be concerned about not having enough work... read more