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My client has died – the family want me to clear out her personal belongings
Date created: 14/04/2021

The longer you work in the care industry - and as a live-in carer in particular - the more likely it is that you will have a client who passes away while you are with them. .. read more

How much do the family really want to know about their loved one?
Date created: 30/03/2021

It is highly likely that the family or next of kin will want updates of some sort about their loved one. As a live-in carer if will be part of your job to keep a record of almost everything that happens to your client... read more

The other carer is overfeeding our client – how can I change this?
Date created: 25/03/2021

Most live-in carers stay with a client for a set period of time before taking a break. Often you will find yourself doing a rota of three or four weeks at a time, with another carer taking over while you have a break... read more

Who fills the dosette box?
Date created: 10/03/2021

When arriving at a placement it is very likely that there will be medication which your client needs to take. Often, they will be able to do this themselves, with a little prompting. .. read more

DNR – the family are in dispute and I’m in the middle
Date created: 04/03/2021

As a live-in carer it is always a good thing to have a client with a family who all agree about how the care plan of their relative is managed. Normally things are all agreed and go ahead according to plan with the carer knowing exactly what to do in the event of death... read more

I’m the first carer here, how do I set things up?
Date created: 12/02/2021

While most live-in-carers head off to their placements with a good idea of what they will find when they arrive, you may one day be asked to go to a client as the very first live-in carer. .. read more

Am I suffering from depression?
Date created: 30/01/2021

While it is ok to feel down every so often, you may reach a stage where, as a live-in carer, you start to feel sad more times than you feel happy. .. read more

Dementia explained
Date created: 28/01/2021

As live-in carers we see many clients these days who suffer from dementia. In fact, each client seems to be at a different stage as the disease progresses. So much so that we often do not know where we are though the various stages of dementia... read more

Help, my client has a bed sore
Date created: 28/01/2021

Bed sores are also sometimes referred to as pressure sores because they tend to form where a part of the skin comes in contact with the bed. .. read more

Live-in care – Career or vocation?
Date created: 28/01/2021

When starting work as a live-in carer you may have been asked if this is a new career or a vocation, the answer which may not be as clear as you would think... read more