How to make sure your client is warm enough

It is very odd that at some times of the year, one person may not feel the cold at all, and another seems to be shivering all the time.

Normally, it is elderly people who tend to feel the cold more than others. This is because they have a thinner layer of fat under their skins than younger people. They may also have conditions such as diabetes which can restrict blood flow and therefore lower body temperature.

How can we keep our clients warm?

Dress for the weather

If you and your client need to go out, then dress accordingly. Hats, scarves, gloves, coats will all help to keep your client warmer. The idea is to layer clothing so that the air is trapped between the layers and keeps them warm.  

Think about loose layers

Tight layers will prevent the air from being allowed between the layers, so think more about several layers of looser clothing.

Think about waterproofing

Try to aim for waterproof jackets and coats. While these will certainly prevent the rain from wetting the body, they will also act as a windbreak for a certain amount of time.

Make sure to wear a hat

Most of body heat escapes through the top of the head so be sure to have a woolly hat ready for your client. Gloves are also essential for those cold hands. Thick socks will help to keep feet warmer.

How can we keep the house warmer?

Close off unused rooms

There is no point in keeping the doors open to rooms that are never used. This simply creates draughts and cold air. Shut them off and focus on the rooms which are used.

Look at bedding

These days you can buy winter sheets and fluffy throws which all add up to a warmer bed, and therefore a warmer client.

Have a rug when sitting

If you and your client watch tv, then make sure that there is a snug rug or throw at hand to put over shoulders or knees.

Use a bed jacket

You may think it is an old fashioned idea but having a warm bed jacket around shoulders will help to keep your client warm if they enjoy reading in bed at night.



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