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As with most employment sectors, and particularly in the care industry, there is often regular update training, which is crucial for all carers, not just new recruits...

Date created: 25/11/2022

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Did you know that a recruiter will make up their mind in an average of six seconds as to whether you are a ‘fit’ or ‘no fit.’ With this in mind, you can see how important it is to have a resume which gets you results, namely an interview followed by a job offer...

Date created: 27/08/2021

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Before heading off on any trip, we always ask ourselves what we should take with us. Some things are essential while others are simply good to have with us. Live-in care is very much like this in that we all go away for a length of time, to stay with a client until the placement is over...

Date created: 12/02/2020

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This question often leads to some confusing answers, particularly if you are a new live-in carer. Whether you need to do update training every year depends on who employs you...

Date created: 08/07/2019

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If you plan to be a good carer, you need to be well trained. Most agencies take training very seriously and will not send you out to a client unless they are sure that you can do your job...

Date created: 09/04/2019

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