How to pay a speeding ticket

If you have your own car or even drive your client’s car, then maybe one day you might receive a speeding ticket. While signs are normally well placed, occasionally you may be unsure of the sped limit and find that you have inadvertently gone too fast.

The minimum penalty for speeding is £100. Additionally, you may find 3 penalty points added to your license. Severe speeding offences can lead to being disqualified from driving. This will happen if you build up to 12 or more penalty points within a three-year period – worth knowing what the speed limits are!

These days you are normally caught speeding by a speed camera and if so, you will receive the following:

- A notice of intended prosecution
- A section 172 notice

Within 28 days you must return the Section 172 notice informing the police who was driving the car. If not, you may find that you need to go to court.

After you have sent the Section 172 back to the police you will receive either a:

- A fixed penalty notice
- Letter informing you that you need to appear in court

You may be stopped by the police in which case you can receive either:

- A verbal warning
- Given an FPN (fixed penalty notice)
- Ordered to go to court

Fixed penalty notice

With this, you can either plead guilty or not guilty


You will have to pay a fine of £100 and have three points added to your license. You may be offered the option to attend a speed awareness course rather than have points added.

Not guilty

If the court decides that you are in fact guilty you may be fined more and have more penalty points added.

This ruling depends on what the speed limit was and how much over it you were travelling. It is normally up to a maximum of £1000 or £2500 if you were on the motorway. You may also be disqualified from driving.

Final thought

When you buy your car, and even if using your client’s car, make sure that the address you give is one where you can receive your post just in case you have received a ticket.



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