How to get stains off teacups

The longer you work in the UK the more you will see that Great Britain loves its tea! In fact, the country sips its way through over 100 million of cups of tea each day!

What this leaves is a lot of stained cups and mugs, not to mention teaspoons. In fact, tea stains an awful lot of things from hard surfaces, clothes, and many textiles.

It is the tannins in tea that cause the stains which can be hard to remove if left too long. Sometimes even placing stained cups in the dishwasher is not enough to remove tea stains.

How to clean teacups

White vinegar: soak a corner of a cloth in white vinegar and then dip it in some table salt. Rub this over the stain. You can also use this for stained countertops.

Bicarbonate of soda: this is another option to remove tea stains. Mix two teaspoons with a few drops of water. Make a paste and, using a soft cloth, rub the mixture onto the stained cup. This also works well for stained teaspoons.   

A third way is to fill the stained cups with water and add a few drops of bleach. Let stand for half an hour and then rinse and wash with hot washing up liquid.

Worktops and stains

Ideally, you should mop up stains as soon as they happen. For stubborn stains, you can use your bicarbonate of soda mix for either laminated or wooden worktops.

You can also use half a lemon dipped in table salt to remove them.

Although granite tops are generally more stain-resistant, they can be stained and require gentler cleaning. There are special cleaners which are available for these surfaces, although you may find that a washing up liquid solution will work effectively.



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