How to store leftover cheese

It is very likely that before you leave your client, you will check the contents of the refrigerator and find things which you can keep and some which you should dispose of.

You may well find yourself with a piece of cheese which is still in date and usable. However, you may not be able to predict if and when the incoming carer would use it. 

Cheese is one of the items in the fridge which can be frozen very successfully. It also thaws out beautifully and can be ready to use within a short time.

How to freeze cheese

It is always a good idea to double wrap your leftover cheese. You can either do this using greaseproof paper or baking parchment. Wrap well and place in a plastic container with a lid. Simply pop into the freezer – label it and date it before you freeze it.

Another alternative is to wrap the cheese in clingfilm before freezing it.

Thaw any frozen cheese at room temperature for around an hour and you will easily be able to slice or grate it.

Keep a separate container for soft and hard cheeses in case the smell from one type taints the other. Additionally, keeping the cheese in a container prevents other smells from tainting the cheese. This is also good for storing cheese in the fridge – keep it sealed so that other smells do not affect it.

If you prefer you can grate the cheese before freezing it. It will defrost perfectly and be ideal to use for sauces. Again, grate into a container which can be sealed with a lid, label, and pop into the freezer. 



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