How to stop bathroom mirrors fogging up

The main reason for mirrors in the bathroom fogging up is condensation. The hot water from a shower or bath produces steam which mixes with the cold air in the bathroom and condenses into tiny drops which form on surfaces and in particular on mirrors. This gives them a foggy appearance.

There are several ways to keep the bathroom mirror from fogging up, so let's look at them.

Use shaving cream

You can use either shaving cream or lotion. Take a blob of shaving cream and spread it all over the mirror. Don’t be tempted to wipe it off with toilet paper as this works better when using a soft cloth. Microfibre cloths are best and the mirror will stay fog free for several weeks.

Buff with soap

Any bath soap will work. Rub the bar of soap all over the mirror using a flat side and then buff off with a soft cloth. Microfibre cloths work best.

Use dishwashing liquid

Pour a small amount of dishwasher liquid into your hand. Add a small amount of water and mix together. Spread all over the mirror and wipe off with paper towels.

Use a vinegar solution

Pour a small amount of vinegar onto a paper towel and wipe the entire mirror. You can use any vinegar that is in the cupboard. This will keep the mirror fog free for several days.

Final thoughts

While it may not be possible to keep a mirror permanently fog free, it is possible to use household products to keep mirrors clean for a few weeks. These are inexpensive ways using products that are found in most kitchens. Ideally, having an extractor fan is the better solution in the long run but failing that, have a go at these hacks.



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