How to make an emergency kit for the home

You never know when an emergency can happen in the home so being prepared for several incidents is always a good idea. A properly stocked first aid kit is a very important item when you are a live-in carer.

Pick a container

Any sturdy plastic container with a fitted lid will work well. You can pick one of these up at any poundland store. Even a lunchbox will suffice.

As long as you can get all your items inside, close the lid, carry it around, and be sure that it is water resistant, you can use a variety of containers.

Whatever you choose to use, make sure that you mark it on the outside with indelible ink that states ‘First Aid.’

Keep it up to date

If your client has a ‘first aid’ kit, be sure to check it. The last thing you need is to look for a plaster and find that they are so olde they simply do not stick anymore! You may also find that any painkillers are way past the expiration dates.

What to stock in the first aid box

A good selection of items in the kit should include:

  • 20 adhesive plasters of assorted sizes
  • One pack of 3” x 3” and one pack of 4” x 4” gauze pads
  • One roll of adhesive cloth tape
  • Two 5” x 9” sterile dressings
  • One 3” x 4” roller bandage (ace bandage)
  • One box of paracetamol

You may want to make a note in your own diary to recheck the kit twice a year. A good time to do this is at a certain time every year, such as when the clocks go forward and again when they go back. This way you will always have a first aid kit which is up to date.



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