How to keep potatoes fresh for longer

Potatoes are a good source of vitamin C, along with many other nutrients. They form part of a staple diet in many countries and are extremely versatile in everyday cooking. When stored in a cool pantry they can easily last several months although they last far less if conditions are not perfect.

There are some things to do to keep them fresh for longer.

To store potatoes

Preferably store them in a cool dark room where there is plenty of ventilation. This will prevent them from going green.

For best results store at temperatures of 45 to 55 degrees F, and where the relative humidity is between 80% and 90%. They should be stored in open bags or bins, not in plastic bags.

Keep them dry

You should not wash potatoes before storing them because the damp will cause them to spoil quicker. Gently rub any dirt off before storing them. Wash when you are ready to cook them.

Keep out of the fridge

Raw potatoes contain a lot of starch and in cold temperatures such as the fridge this will turn starch into sugar. This will give you a sweeter, darker potato when cooked.

Don’t store in plastic

If you bought potatoes from the supermarket, they most likely came in a plastic bag. You should either remove from the plastic bag or open it so that condensation cannot form. 

Keep away from fruit

Apples give off ethylene as they ripen and this will cause your potatoes to sprout faster.

Final thoughts

With a little bit of planning it is possible to keep potatoes fresh for longer. Keep them dry and condensation free and they will be less likely to sprout early. 




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