How to keep positive over the holidays

The holidays can be a very stressful time, in fact most people will say that they feel stressed out at this time. You will be no different from most other people in this. However, this is not what we as live-in carers need at any tie, least of all at the end of the year.


Turn off the news


Constant bad news will negatively drain you and your client. The holidays are supposed to be a happy time. They will be stressful enough for live-in carers who are not with their families anyway, without bad news adding to that negativity.


Find positive things


If the conversation seems to evolve around bad news then find a positive subject to talk to your client about. A new addition to the family, an upcoming visit from grandchildren, a new recipe you want to try for them – anything to steer away from negativity.


Look for good in others


Some people at holiday time – and possibly all through the year as well – will simply irk you in one way or another. Instead of focusing on their irksome habits, try to find one positive point. And yes, every single person has one positive point. You may have to dig deep but you will find it. Next time the conversation turns to Cousin Maude and her annoying habit, change the subject around to how good she really is at baking.


Tune into your inner feelings


If things start to stress you our and you feel the irritation rise – and it will – then change tactics. Go for a walk, retreat to your room for five minutes, call a friend. Try not to bottle up those negative feelings because sooner or later they will explode – and we don’t want that, do we!


Choose to stay positive


There are two paths to choose from, a positive and a negative one. Often the negative path is easy because we have trodden it before. Opting for the positive path takes effort, which is well rewarded in the end.


Try to see the positive rather than the negative. Remember that you are only with your client for a certain amount of time and plan the path for your future in a positive way. Focus on a reunion with your own family and friends.


Final thoughts


Make sure that you keep in touch with your loved ones. Your client may have enough loved ones of their own so you can afford this luxury. Call your family and your friends. You never know – they may be facing the same negative issues and simply need to hear you again.  



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