How to keep nail varnish runny

There is nothing worse than to plan to paint your nails, or those of your client, and to find that the nail polish has turned into a blob of goo which will never, ever spread evenly over nails. 

Figuring out how to get your favourite colour usable again is possible. In fact, it is possible to save most bottles of nail polish even if they are a few years old, and most of these ways are inexpensive.

Use a thinner

You can buy specially made nail polish thinners, and most chemists as well as economy shops will sell this very cheaply. All you need to do is to add a few drops to the bottle and roll it between the palms of your hands to mix.  

Use acetone

As with thinner it is important that you add this sparingly, one drop at a time. Mix well and if still too thick, add another drop. Remember that if you use too much acetone you will break down the composition of the polish and it will be unusable.

Can we prevent nail polish from thickening?

There are some things you can do to stop nail polish turning into a solid lump.

Store correctly

Nail polish needs to be stored in a cool dark place with a consistent temperature. In a very hot and humid climate this may also be in the fridge.

Don’t be tempted to store nail polish in the bathroom as the humidity from showers and baths means that the temperature is never stable and your nail polish will rapidly turn solid.

Keep it sealed

Whenever you are finished using your nail polish you should keep it sealed tightly because when any air comes into contact with the polish it will start to thicken. It is also advisable to keep the lid on between coats so that no air gets inside the bottle.

Roll to mix

Don’t be tempted to shake the bottle to mix it up as you will be introducing air bubbles to the polish, and while this will not harm it, you will find that this can ruin a manicure.

Final thoughts

Keep an eye on the date when you bought your polish because like many other things, nail polish has a shelf life and if left beyond that will start to turn into sludge.



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