How to keep bathroom tiles shiny

Because the bathroom tends to be a high traffic area, it is not surprising that the tiles get dirty and lose their gloss.

While brand new bathroom tiles are beautiful to see, over the years they become dull and less attractive. Tiles will stay cleaner when we use the right solutions to clean them with, and do this on a regular basis. This will keep most tiles looking better, although some older tiles will benefit from being re-glazed and the grout cleaned.

Here are some ways to keep tiles shiny

Clean regularly

The longer we wait between cleans, the harder it becomes to keep tiles shiny. Dust and grime build up and before long they tiles look unattractive. Once a week is a good time frame although this depends on the traffic over the floor.

Use a soapy solution

Even using a mild dishwashing solution will bring tiles up nicely. A soap solution will also work well on lino and vinyl, but should never be used on wooden floors. Simply mix a few tablespoons of dish soap into the mop bucket and go over the floor, leaving it to dry with the window open.

Try an ammonia solution 

Ammonia works in two ways, namely to clean and to kill bacteria which often grows on grout. You should mix a quarter cup of ammonia with 5 litres of water and use a mop to go over the tiles.

Vinegar also works

Either white or brown vinegar works here. Mix half a cup of vinegar to about 5 liters of water and mop the tiles.

Clean the grout

If the grout is in good condition then you can use equal parts of vinegar and warm water and a soft scrubbing brush to clean the grout. Work in small circles, leave for 10 minutes and then mop up the excess water.

Another good way to clean grout is to make a paste of baking soda and water. In a spray bottle mix equal parts of vinegar and water. Apply the past to the grout and then spray the vinegar along the lines. You will notice that the paste starts to fizz. Once it has stopped you can wipe the grout clean.

Final thoughts

There is no need for tiles to look grubby and dull. Using ingredients which are normally found in every household, it is possible to have shiny tiles wherever they are laid.



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