How to create a memory box for your client

Making a memory box for your client is a great way of keeping them distracted, particularly in clients who have dementia and can be aggressive or wander a lot.

It is also a great place to keep personal things which are special to your client. You can keep them all in one place and your client can look through them whenever they want to.

Each memory box is different and very personal. The contents are also personal, and you should never assume that a small piece of paper or a tiny stone is not worth keeping. Memory boxes are the ideal place for your client to store all their treasures safely 

Find a box

Memory boxes can be made from anything. Even a sturdy shoe box which is covered in pretty paper will be a good place. Plastic boxes with solid lids are cheap and easy to get hold of at local poundland shops.

If you or your client enjoys thrift shops and car boot sales, then keep your eyes out for a box there. Even an old suitcase will suffice.

Label the box

Decorate the outside if your client wants you to, and add a label stating that it is a memory box belonging to your client. This lends itself to your client owning the box and all that they place in it.

Fill the box

Encourage your client to add special bits and pieces, photographs that they hold dear, any meaningful things that they want to keep together. Your client may want to add things such as letters from friends and family, birthday and Christmas cards, anniversary cards, anything that brings back precious memories for them.

Keep the box close by

Now that your client is getting used to the idea of filling the box, make sure that they have it near to them. You never know when they will want to place another memory inside it.

Final thoughts

Memory boxes are an excellent idea for clients to remind them of happier times and special friends or spouses who have passed away. They are also a great way to keep your client’s room a little tidier, with things all in one place and easy to find.




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