How to clean leather handbags

At one time many years ago, handbags were made mostly from leather. Synthetic handbags were simply not made. These days they abound, and they are easy to keep clean. You may, however, find that your client still has a collection of leather handbags which will eventually need to be cleaned.

There are ways to clean leather handbags without ruining them. You can take them to specialist cleaners – for a fee, or you can clean them for your client yourself.

You will be able to buy a leather cleaning solution from most supermarkets and even shoe repair shops.

  • Inside. Create a foam with the cleaning solution and massage gently into the corners of the handbag. Leave to dry and then apply protection cream to handles and areas which are touched more. Gently rub the cream in and leave for ten minutes until dry.
  • Buff off the excess. The application and buffing will take no more than 15 minutes and will leave the handbag looking completely restored.
  • Outside. Use the same technique to do the outside. Be gentle when you buff it up. Light colored handbags may need a second application.

Storing the leather handbag

Store individual handbags in their own fabric bags. Your client may have these, or you may find all the bags together in the wardrobe. They should be kept apart from each other.

Make your own storage bags

You can sew these together using old pillowcases which you can pick up from any charity shop. What is important is that leather bags are stored separately and not packed together in the bottom of the closet.

Final thoughts

Don’t be tempted to by a cleaning compound unless it is specifically designed to clean leather as it will not work and just waste money.

Stored correctly after use, leather handbags can look beautiful for many years.



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