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Personal Care Assistant, Driver, Travel Companion required (PA / PCA / carer) - Permanent Contract.

£80 - £321 Weekly, £8.91 per hour (paid 4-weekly, via bank transfer, using DP funding)., Permanent

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North Bransholme / Wawne area of Hull, East Riding Of Yorkshire, UK.


As soon as possible.

**I’m NOT a care home or agency; this is for care in my own home & while travelling. Permanent contract. The person you will assist is also your employer.


• Because of the personal nature of this job, female applicants are preferred.

• Due to insurance, applicants must be over 25 years old.


£8.91 per hour (paid 4-weekly, via bank transfer, using DP funding).


• 27 hours per week - Permanent.

• 9 hours per week - Temporary cover, but with prospect for permanent position elsewhere.

• Bank / Cover / Reserve position available (mixed hours) - permanent.

***Details on specific hours / days below.


This job is likely to be unlike anything else you have done before - in a good way! This is why no prior experience is needed. If you get the job, you will be trained to my preferred specification.

I am a professional artist from Hull (north Bransholme area, near Wawne Village). I love outdoor adventure & travel, & as my PA, you will attend all activities with me, assisting as needed. I get involved with public events, charities, & the media — my PA will be expected to attend all of these with me, assisting as requested. I work with animals regularly, so you need to be comfortable with this, as you will be present with me. It’s important that you can follow verbal instructions.

I have a disability called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC), which means I can’t walk, stand, or use my arms; I use my mouth to do most things (including painting & writing this ad), but I need your help to enable me to do the things I can’t. This job may require you to travel with me, both within UK & abroad (note: due to covid19 travel is currently limited, but will change as things get safer). I appreciate anyone who shows me trustworthiness, willing, dedication, flexibility, & honesty.

In essence, you will be my working limbs, my bridge to independence, my “normalcy”, my access to adventure & occasional crazy / fun antics; you are essentially sharing my life, whilst helping me to live it how I want and to the full.

Flexibility is essential.

The basics I require…

• Full personal care (e.g. bathing, getting in/out of bed, toileting, dressing, etc);

• Sleeping-over (home & away);

• Driving my car / Travelling (includes long-distance driving);

• Social (e.g. pub / gigs / cinema / shop, etc);

• Housework;

• Basic gardening;

• Cooking (Please note: this will include meat);

• Help with set-up at art demos & exhibits (with my guidance);

• Attending events & other;

• Accompanying me on holiday;

• Care of pets — currently, 1 dog (basic care under my guidance);

• Secretarial (answering phone / note-taking, etc);

• Occasional assistance with pain-relief (involves changing my position / massage / applying pressure / giving oral meds).

All applicants...

• …must be willing & available to cover other PAs, at short notice (e.g. due to sickness). Includes working wkends & nights.

• …preferably have clean driver's licence, & willing to drive my VW Transporter (manual-drive, standard car license, fully insured by employer).

• …must have good social skills & speak fluent English.

• …be a good listener & able to follow verbal instructions.

• …be willing to have necessary vaccinations. I am vulnerable and sometimes work with other vulnerable people (e.g. conducting art days in the children’s ward), so this is essential.

• …be comfortable around animals. Being a wildlife artist, I work in their presence a lot; I also have a dog, and I occasionally rescue.

• …be comfortable working with people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities, appearances, etc. We’ll be interacting with everyone during public events, so an open mind is important.

• …be ok working with an occasional smoker (rare / social). You don’t need to hold it for me.

• …be ok with lifting items (e.g. loading equipment into van, erecting tables, pushing loaded trolley, etc). Depending on the event, I often arrange for volunteers to help.

• …preferably be willing to participate in fundraisers; may involve costumes & silly antics.


• No previous experience required - I prefer to train you to my personal preferences. Although there’s aspects of care involved, you are hired as a Personal Assistant rather than a “carer”. The difference being that I am able to make my own decisions, I am not restricted to routines, & you cannot make decisions on my behalf. You are present to assist where possible & as requested, so that I can live a fulfilling & independent life in my own home.

• Punctuality, reliability, trustworthiness, honesty, respectfulness, & willingness to learn & improvise are ESSENTIAL.

• You will require an "Enhanced DBS with barred list" check; this can be arranged if you don’t have one. Job centre can help.

• Valid certification in manual handling in the workplace (of equipment/goods) is favourable. Job centre can help.

• Valid certification in basic First Aid is required; this can be arranged if you don’t have it. Job centre can help.

• Some days you’ll have lots to do, others you may not; you must be comfortable with both scenarios. I need someone with me at all times, 24/7, and you will be paid for your presence regardless of what we are doing that day.

• When I am socialising, I may expect you to take a step back & give me privacy; please be understanding & respectful of this. I’m close with all of my staff, but like everyone, sometimes I need *me* time.

• If I’m involved in high exposure activities (e.g. public events, media-related activities, etc), you may be photographed / filmed (either in the background or directly), & this can end up on the public domain (e.g. tv / Internet). I am not always in control (or necessarily aware) of this, so it’s important that you’re comfortable with this.

• Basic understanding of tech is preferred; e.g. using a smartphone, texting / typing, taking photos / videos, etc. I can teach basics if needed, you just need a willingness to learn.


• Tuesday: 9 am until 6 pm - 9 HRS [PERMANENT].

• Friday: 9 am till 6 pm - 9 HRS [PERMANENT].

• Wednesday/Thursday: 12 am (midnight Wednesday night) until 9 am (Thursday morning) - 9 HRS [PERMANENT].

• Tuesday/Wednesday: 12 am (midnight Tuesday night) until 9 am (Wednesday morning) - 9 HRS [TEMPORARY COVER].

• Bank / Cover: Hours assigned on *as & when needed* basis, for cover. Although regular hours can’t be guaranteed if you are solely on bank, I usually have a team of around 7 PAs; so, the likeliness I will need cover regularly is high. [PERMANENT]

Your adaptability is essential. All hours (including regulars) are flexible & may temporarily change, swap, etc, depending on future plans. If another PA is absent, you may be expected to cover or swap shifts with others.

PLEASE APPLY AT: https://tiny.one/lippyartapply

SEE VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: https://tiny.one/lippyartvolunteer

Job Details

ASAP / As soon as possible
Full Time
Kingston upon Hull, England, United Kingdom
£80 - £321 Weekly, £8.91 per hour (paid 4-weekly, via bank transfer, using DP funding).