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Live-in Carer

£650 , Contract

Posted: 5 days ago

Tehy Care


Our ecosystem at Tehy would not be complete without our esteemed staff members. They are the lifeline of our services.

And that is why, the Tehy Care management puts utmost effort in ensuring our staff are satisfied working with us.

Our staff are very passionate about what they do, and they approach their roles with utmost love and joy.

This is what sees to it that our clients are happy and satisfied with Tehy Care.

But we are not all about work.

We work as a team, and as such set aside times to meet up, and just get to catch up with each other. We share our progress, our experiences with our clients, and also have a good time! We believe that we are not just co-workers, but a family united by a common goal – to serve our community.

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Full Time
-Nationwide, United Kingdom