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Live in Carer

£590 - £750 , Contract

Posted: 9 days ago

Able Community Care

Able Community Care


Able Community Care has been placing live-in carers onto our Register for over three decades and many of our carers have been working through us for over fifteen years.

Our carers have a wide range of care skills and live throughout the UK. Our live-in carers work patterns are all individual, some work many weeks a year, some just a few – the choice is yours.

Some of our carers like to return to clients they support others like to work with different clients using their wide range of care skills.

All carers on our Register are self-employed which allows carers to choose the clients they wish to work with, to accept work placements or to turn them down. Being a self-employed carer enables you to take breaks for holidays, family reasons or just because you choose to.

Being a self-employed live-in carer means you are responsible for your own tax declarations and returns and for your personal and business insurance, but our Recruitment Team are always available to help you if you have any problems or need guidance.

Working as a Live-in Carer for Able Community Care you will have support 24 hours a day. Our Care Managers, whom you will come to know, will offer work placements to you in order that you can offer your skills and experience to enable older and disabled people to stay living in their own homes rather than having to move into residential care. It will be a Care Manager whom you will speak to out of office hours if you have any problems and who will also be able to help you sort out travel arrangements and answer any questions you may have, at any time.

Working as a Live-in Carer is a role that can be challenging but can also provide an enormous amount of satisfaction. You will be helping your clients to live in their home of choice, their own and the results of your work can be seen daily.

Let us welcome you to our Team, you will be glad you joined us.

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Full Time
-Nationwide, United Kingdom
£590 - £750