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Live-in Carer

£9 - £9 , Contract

Posted: 1 year ago


Looking for a new person to join my team of personal assistants in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Interesting, fun, adventurous person needed! Learn lots of new skills, including sign language and alternative communication.

I am 27 years old and have had personal care staff working for me for over 20 years. They support me do the things I love doing like going to gigs and music festivals, going cinema, travelling abroad and in the UK, going to my workplace and doing things with my friends and family.

  • Live in our home with garden in a nice area of town
  • On duty 30-35 hours per week, and have 2 free days
  • No out of pocket expenses while on duty
  • Develop lots of new skills
  • Attend new courses
  • Expected to do personal care
  • Own private bathroom
  • May be expected to drive, prepare meals, keep the area tidy and do the shopping

Job Details

Full Time
Halifax, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
£9 - £9