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Live-in Carer

£550 - £680 , Contract

Posted: 1 year ago

Lav Care Services

Lav Care Services


Our dedicated, compassionate and friendly care workers are committed to providing support with dignity and respect. We’re passionate about understanding your needs and requirements and ensuring we support you in just the way you need. Contact us today to apply.

Areas of care

  • Companionship care services

  • Shopping

  • Bill payment

  • House chores( ironing, cleaning)

  • Health and general appointment attendance support

  • Live In Respite Care

  • Live In Dementia Care

  • Live In Specialist Care

  • Live In End of Life Care

  • Live In Companionship and Home Help

  • Recovery at home from hospital

Job Details

Full Time
Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
£550 - £680