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Live In Care - Personal Assitant

£650 - £690 Weekly, Accommodation, food and drink, and travel expenses, Contract

Posted: 4 months ago


At Cuidum we are helping a huge number of families to find outstanding carers who provide companionship, comfort and hands-on support to their relatives.

You have the opportunity to make a real difference in people's lives by joining Cuidum, where you will be responsible for working independently and unsupervised in the client's home. Therefore, it is important that you love what you dod and have an excellent disposition, because you will end up building a strong relationship with the person you look after.

We are looking for a live-in carer to support a man of 82 on a 2-week on, 2-week off rotation, on a self-employed basis, in Bristol.

He uses a wheelchair and only has a partial use of his hands due to a brain injury after suffering an accident a few years ago. James needs full help with personal care, including toileting, washing, help feeding, etc. He enjoys talking and is a sociable person who loves watching football.

James does not need night support as he usually sleeps well and does not wake up.

Although is not essential to drive, James would prefer someone who does, as it would make his life easier when going shopping or to medical appointments.

Tasks include full support with personal care & hygiene, house-keeping, preparing meals, going shopping and to medical appointments, etc.

Job Details

Full Time
Brístol, Brístol, Reino Unido
£650 - £690 Weekly, Accommodation, food and drink, and travel expenses