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Posted: 1 year ago

McDonald Homecare Ltd

McDonald Homecare Ltd


Self Employed – Lifestyle Companions

Becoming a self employed Lifestyle Companion is a wonderful career opportunity for anyone who is sincere about the care and dignity of older people within the community. Becoming a Lifestyle Companion allows you to support people to stay living in their own homes and in doing so, help reduce loneliness and isolation that many people experience during their later lives.

McDonald Homecare only selects and registers those applicants who meet our core values and who have the suitable lifestyle to live in the Client’s home while supporting with day to day life. This esteemed position enables the successful Lifestyle Companions to take ownership of their employment and provide Great British Care that is highly rewarding.

The UK care sector needs to be financially valued. Therefore the Lifestyle Companions are paid well for the specific care contracts they provide directly with the Client and have autonomy throughout the process to ensure a fair salary structure is met.

Read our employment criteria if you are interested in becoming a Lifestyle Companion.

Employment Criteria

If you are interested in registering with a highly professional and supportive company, you will need to demonstrate all of the core values during our recruitment process. In addition to this, you need to comply with the following:

  • All Lifestyle Companions are self-employed and responsible for their own tax and NI contributions. You will need to demonstrate registration with HMRC.

  • The Lifestyle Companion will be responsible for their own training and ensuring certificates are up to date.

  • The Client and or their representative will contract the Lifestyle Companion directly to provide the specific and ongoing care needs.

  • As a carefully selected Lifestyle Companion, you will have been matched with both a prospective Client’s needs, interests and nature. McDonald Homecare will facilitate and consult throughout this matching process but you will then need to secure the care contract through your correspondence with the Client and or their representative. It is the Client or representative’s choice if they contract you.

  • All Lifestyle Companions are responsible for their own portfolio of experience, training certificates and all other self-employment documentation. This portfolio is important to display at the request pf the Client and or their representatives. The Lifestyle Companion will be organised and to ensure that their professional care portfolio is updated and available at all times.

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Full Time
Petersfield, Hampshire, United Kingdom