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Friendly Live in Care Service

£665 - £850 , Food included and contribution to travel, Permanent

Posted: 9 days ago

Care Leaf


We are a care service that was started 5 years ago by live in carers to make life better for both clients and carers. We felt that other agencies charge too much in agency fees and aren't always very friendly. Often the carers don't get a choice as to where they will work, and the clients don't usually get to choose which carer comes.
We let you speak to the client before deciding if it's the right role for you. We also encourage that you speak to the carer who is already with the client so you can find out what it's really like before you commit. Also, we are regularly in contact with the carers to make sure everything is ok and step in to help whenever there are problems such as excessive night calls or not getting time off
The carers get a good rate of pay and the clients save money in agency fees and both have good friendly support service. Our website should give you a good idea about what we do: www.careleaf.co.uk

Job Details

Full Time
United Kingdom
£665 - £850 , Food included and contribution to travel