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Carer Needed for Elderly Man in East London

£700 - £980 Weekly, Pay is £140 per day, available on a weekly rotation or 5 day/week,

Posted: 4 days ago


Seeking a kind, patient carer for a 94-year-old man in East London, E11.

The carer must be a native English speaker or have a native level and neutral accent due to the client's poor hearing and have experience with dementia. Self-employed carers only please - no agencies.

The client has mid-advanced dementia however is very mild-mannered and kind. He has recently lost his wife of 70+ years, is understandably struggling with this change, and sometimes becomes confused and agitated - he needs someone who is compassionate to his situation. He requires assistance with personal care, someone to prepare meals and keep the house tidy and also to keep him company throughout the day. He does not leave the house, and a respite carer is available 2 hours/day to cover breaks.

The client occasionally needs assistance overnight (as he gets confused due to his dementia) this is usually only one or two nights a week however and he is easily reminded of the time and assisted back to bed. He is continent but wears pads in case of occasional accidents, has a stairlift to get upstairs to toilet/bed, and walks with a stick or frame.

Accommodation and food are provided as part of the placement, shopping is done online by the carer (Waitrose) weekly, or the family can assist with this.

The current carer has been with the client for over 12 months but is returning to Australia. She has been working 5 days a week (Tues/Wednesday off) with another carer covering these days - this could continue if the new carer likes this set-up. Otherwise, carers could work on a rotation (up to 2-3 weeks on, 1-2 weeks off or similar), the family are flexible on this. They are looking for someone who can develop a rapport with their father, who is interested in a long-term placement in rotation with other carers.

The placement is located 20 minutes from central London, in a quiet neighbourhood with very supportive neighbours. The family lives in SE England and is also very supportive and available to answer any questions.

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Full Time
Greater London, United Kingdom
Not disclosed
£700 - £980 Weekly, Pay is £140 per day, available on a weekly rotation or 5 day/week