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Can I drink when I work with a client?

Date created: 19/11/2021

At many placements you will find that there is no alcohol in the house, or at least very little. You may find that your client does not drink anymore because medication and alcohol simply do not mix.

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Finding the best agency for you

Date created: 08/10/2021

If you have decided to start a career as a live-in carer, then most likely you have been searching online. No doubt you have come up with hundreds of agencies who all promise you work with the perfect client in perfect conditions and at the perfect pay rate.

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Difference between a caring role and a companion role

Date created: 30/09/2021

There are normally two types of care work which, as live-in carers, you may be asked to do. One of them is personal care and the other companionship care.

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How to not look aggressive

Date created: 13/09/2021

As live-in carers we are normally a self-assured group of people who adapt quickly to different situations that we face. We manage very effectively to get ourselves from other countries to the UK and then move all around to our placements.

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